‘I overheard them saying I was too fat to ride’

In this week’s humbling episode Liz Daniels chats to Jennie Sharpe about the journey that led her to being shortlisted for the Inspiration Category of the FEI Awards 2023.

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In 2018 Jennie suffered a spinal injury, which led to life changing challenges, and an on-going battle with her mental health, resulting in an attempt to take her own life.

But less than 12 months later Jennie has ticked some amazing achievements off her bucket list, ridden and went double clear on the Global Champions Tour, and has been shortlisted for an FEI award.

Whilst Jennie is the first to admit she suffers terribly with her nerves because of being judged, she has openly shared her journey with EquiTeam in the hope that it will help someone else.

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Photo credit: Beyond Imagination Photography 

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