Autumn; a time for positive transition?

Why wait until January to make changes? EquiTeam’s Louise Gillings looks at why we should all be making a positive transition NOW!

Many people feel as though January is the time to set goals, set resolutions and make big life changes while others dread making January plans. However – have you ever considered Autumn as being a time of change? 

Many horse owners dread Autumn as it pre-empts the shorter days, cold and wet weather, mud and the inevitable long winter. Some negative feelings might also rise from an association with the new school year beginning. 

BUT… Autumn can be a positive season of transition, research has shown that people who set goals in the Autumn are more likely to achieve them than those making resolutions/set goals in January. For example; people signing up to weight loss programmes are twice as likely to reach their goal.

This time of year can be a time to embrace a new beginning feeling and find a new sense of motivation.

The year isn't over yet...

The end of the year is in sight, and it can be easy to think of all of the things you wanted to achieve this year, but haven’t completed.  But the year isn’t over yet, and if you spend some time thinking about what you have achieved it can give you renewed motivation to reset and renew some goals. 

Setting goals now will give you a head start for Spring.  It is important to be realistic, use the EquiTeam 3, 6, and 12 month Goal Setting planner to really think where you want to be in 12 months time. Consider the weather and how many times you will be able to ride in a week, think about how else you can reach your goals; take some time to focus on your own health, fitness and knowledge.

  • Plan your time efficiently – read our blog on saving time this winter –
  • Use one of the EquiTeam fitness plans to help you focus on your rider fitness and strength
  • Use online resources such as EquiTeam to improve your knowledge
  • Practice your plaiting/quarter marks, or do carrot stretches when you can’t ride
  • Volunteer to do some dressage writing to pick up tips
  • Make plans with friends for the days when you can ride
  • Remember to give yourself some you time too, its ok to spend a day watching Netflix but just make sure it’s not all day everyday

If you don’t want or need the pressure of setting big goals at the moment, that is also perfectly ok, make some plans do something that you enjoy with or without your horse.  Read our blog about keeping your inspiration through the changing seasons.

Most importantly, find something to make you smile every day and remember to check in with your friends – they might be feeling the same too.

Lou x

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